TREK Bike tire Bontrager G Mud Team Issue MTB 27.5″ x 2.3″




A durable mountain bike tire with trimmable knobs adapt to changing conditions.
Color / Black
A sure thing in slippery terrain
Don’t let a little wet and mud stop downhill performance. The G-Mud cuts provides the wet traction needed to tame sloppy downhill tracks.

The G-Mud was developed with features such as dual-Ply multi layer casing and customizable, trimmable knobs for world cup racing in muddy wet conditions.

Product details
Excels at downhill racing in muddy, wet conditions
Trimmable knobs for custom performance
Mud specific tread bites into soft terrain while quickly shedding any buildup
Developed for use at World Cup racing level
Dual-Ply multi-layer casing adds stability for heavy-duty DH tires with added butyl layer to prevent flats


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