TREK Bike tire Bontrager SE2 Team Issue TLR MTB 27.5″ x 2.3″




A versatile and fast enduro-ready tire that excels in loose over hard pack.
Color / Black
High speed, durable fast roller
A fast-rolling tire, the SE2 has shorter center knobs to help you maintain speed on the downhill sections. Bigger knobs on the edges give you extra grip needed for fast turns.

Versatile and fast, with lightweight sidewall protection, this enduro-capable all-trail tire is all you need for care-free weekends on the trails and stress-free race days.

Product details
Engineered for all around Enduro use on dry fast courses
TLR tire engineered for use with TLR sealant for worry-free setup and puncture protection
Core Strength has reinforced sidewall and sub-tread protection for light-weight durability


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